Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Glens Falls Attorney Betty Donahue Endorsed For Glens Falls City Judge

On March 5th, first the Glens Falls City Committee, and then the Warren County Democratic Committee met, discussed and endorsed Betty Donahue of Glens Falls for Judge of the Glens Falls City Court. Betty has decades of experience as a lawyer, special prosecutor and defense attorney (one of the very few in our area to have handled not just one murder case, but two) and will make a great addition to the bench for the City of Glen Falls.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Watertown Daily Times | Democratic congressional candidate Woolf appears in Watertown

 Great article in the Watertown Daily Times On Our Congressional Candidate, Aaron Woolf!


Democratic congressional candidate Aaron Woolf speaks to the media on Friday afternoon outside the Masonic Temple in Watertown.

Watertown Daily Times | Democratic congressional candidate Woolf appears in Watertown

Warren County Democratic Committee Announces Endorsement of Aaron Woolf For Congress

 After its Wednesday, March 5th meeting, Warren County Democratic Chair Lynne Boecher released the following statement:

"The Warren County Democratic Committee announces their  endorsement of independent businessman Aaron Woolf of Essex County for the 21st Congressional seat being vacated by fellow democrat Bill Owens.

"Mr. Woolf, an award winning documentary filmmaker and small business owner, brings a refreshing new voice to the Congressional dialogue. He articulates a faith in the independent spirit of the North Country and proposes capable solutions to the quagmire of ideas that have plagued the political arena.
Aaron Woolf represents the integrity, commitment and drive that distinguishes this district and will represent all voters well in Congress.

"In addition, the full county democratic committee endorsed unanimously Glens Falls attorney Elizabeth A.  Donohue for Glens Falls City Judge, replacing the retiring Judge Richard Tarantino.

"Ms. Donohue, a practicing attorney in Glens Falls for over thirty years, was  also endorsed by the full Glens Falls Democratic Committee and if elected will be the first female judge in Warren County, making history. Ms. Donohue has represented litigants in both civil and criminal proceedings and has served as a special prosecutor and is also on the Warren and Washington County Law Guardian panels. She is a past President of the Warren County Bar Association.

"Lynne Boecher, Warren County Democratic Chair"

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Aaron Woolf Statement Regarding Earning the Support of North Country Democratic Chairs

February 13, 2014
Elizabethtown, New York

Aaron Woolf made the following statement today regarding the Democratic Chairs of the 21st Congressional district’s announcement of unanimous support:

“I am proud to earn the unanimous support of the 21st Congressional District's twelve Democratic Chairs and I am honored they have chosen me as the best candidate to continue Congressman Bill Owens' work fighting for our middle class and protecting Medicare.  I am looking forward to discussing my ideas about ways we can work together to spur our local economy, create new jobs, and protect all North Country families.

Upstate New York is a great place to live, work, raise a family, and retire - but we need to make sure it stays that way for future generations.  I'm committed to ensuring our kids have access to a quality education and will work to improve and enhance our region's infrastructure so our local business can grow and our economy can thrive.

I am very eager to discuss my ideas and hear from North Country voters in the weeks and months to come at events in the community, in their living rooms, and at their doorsteps.”

** Information about an official announcement and further details about the campaign will be advised to the media in the coming days.**


Monday, December 2, 2013

Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday and Peaceful New Year - Official Election Results

Judge John Hall Reelected by Wide Margin: Election Results Official
Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday and Peaceful New Year

 The results of the election for 2013 are official hence congratulations go out to the winners as well as all candidates who ran on our democratic line for offices.  As the report from the Board of Elections is analyzed, we will be able to assess where our efforts as a party were successful and where exactly we need to improve our message and communication.

Certainly the race we can point to with pride, is the re-election of Warren County Judge John Hall. Our opponents ran a "full court press" against the Judge's reelection beginning in the winter of 2013. But the wise voters of this county did not yield to the contentious dialogue and reelected the man with experience, integrity and tenacity. We celebrate this victory and note that Judge Hall ran as a proud democrat and certainly countered the argument that members of this county would not vote on the democratic line.

An analysis of the vote north of Albany demonstrated that the tide was against us all as democrats. The controversial legislation of the Safe Act coupled with the debacle of  the website of  the Affordable Care Act gave our opponents an outlet to attack. This coupled with the fact that the enrollment of registered Republicans is double that of registered democrats and as such, we need to refocus our efforts to connect with those across the aisle. We did increase the number of democratic voters in this off year election; unfortunately, our opponents did the same and they just outnumber us. But this year, our opponents realized there was a contest and they needed to work for each vote. This posture is new in this county.

, One should remember that Warren County voters elected President Obama, and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand  as well as Judge Hall and they all ran and succeeded as democrats. But
as democrats, we need to do what our opponents do so well. We need to work together! We need to support each other and showcase the strengths of our fellow democrats. We cannot be complacent; we can not succeed alone. We must build on the successes we have secured and we must not accept the setbacks of this election season to quell our resolve. Rather, we need to assess the vote and focus on our drive for the future.

 It is worth noting that Thurman Supervisor Evelyn Wood was re-elected  and much of the credit must go to the democrats in Thurman who were galvanized to action by Thurman Chairman Andy Templeton and his wife Kathy Feiden. These two people worked tirelessly to secure this win for Supervisor Wood and succeeded despite significant intimidation and threats. Kathy and Andy informed their community on issues and showcased the progress that Supervisor Wood had made for Thurman. Again, the support of democrats and the democratic line aided this victory immensely.

It is my hope that each of you will have a wonderful holiday and much happiness and health in the new year. I am grateful for all of your help and assistance with the election process during the past six months and I wish to acknowledge and particularly  thank Tom McDonough and Dave O'Brien for all their incredible guidance and support.
Happy Holidays!

Lynne Boecher, Chair

Congratulations!  Here are our official Election Results:

County Judge & Surrogate
Judge John S Hall, Jr.


John A Diamond

Councilman at Large
Dan Hall

Ward 1 Council Member
James P Campinell

Ward 2 Council Member
S. William Collins

Warren County Supervisor Ward 1
Daniel J Girard

Warren County Supervisor Ward 2
Peter V McDevitt

Warren County Supervisor Ward 5
William H Kenny


Town Supervisor
John F Strough III


Bolton Town Highway Superintendent
William A Sherman


Town Board Member
Ginger Henry Kuenzel

Town Justice
Leslie R. Midgley


Town Supervisor
Ronald G. Vanselow


Town Supervisor
Evelyn Wood

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Greater Glens Falls Central Labor Council (AFL-CIO) Announces Support!

Press Release:
For immediate release:

The Greater Glens Falls Central Labor Council (AFL-CIO) announced their support for
Dean Boecher for Warren County Board of Supervisors (Queensbury-At-Large), Harrison Freer for Queensbury Town Board Ward 2 and Jennifer Switzer for Queensbury Town Board Ward 4.

These individuals promote responsible economic development which creates good local jobs that truly help Queensbury’s working families. In addition, they support the hard work of commited teachers, firefighters, police officers and other public employees.

Please support Boecher, Freer and Switzer on November 5, 2013.
        They Support Working Families!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Press Release: Judge Hall Hosts Warren County Treatment Court Alumni Reunion and Graduation

Press Release:  Judge Hall Hosts Warren County Treatment Court Alumni Reunion and Graduation
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Press Release

For Immediate Release

Judge Hall Hosts Warren County Treatment Court Alumni Reunion and Graduation

Judge John Hall Hosts A Reunion And Graduation Ceremony Of Warren County Treatment Court Alumni At Warren County Municipal Center

Lake George, NY Oct. 16, 2013.  Warren County Judge John Hall has invited all current and former graduates and participants of the Warren County Treatment Court  to an alumni reunion on Thursday October 17th starting at 1:30pm in Room 6-103  of the Warren County Municipal Center near the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Following a light lunch, attendees are invited to meet, renew acquaintances and assist current participants in their recoveries. Judge Hall started the alumni reunion about 4 years ago.  It put encourages past graduates to stay connected to sober, drug free activities and associates.

Judge  Hall will then preside over a Treatment Court Graduation and celebration of recovery in the County Courtroom at 3:00 PM.   All current and former graduates and participants, their spouses, friends and significant others and invited to the graduation ceremony.   

The Drug Treatment Court program costs much less  prison — participants in the past would be sentenced to state prison at a cost of more than $60,000 per year.   Nearly 200 people have graduated from the treatment court program in the last 10 years, with a success rate of approximately 70%.

The Drug Treatment Court is an intensely supervised substance abuse program for both alcoholics and drug addicts.  It is open only to individuals convicted of non-violent felony level offenses.  Treatment Court participants are required to meet daily to be tested for alcohol and drugs and follow the directions of a substance abuse counselor, a probation officer and a treatment court co-ordinator.   All participants are required to have verifiable full time employment and at least 12 month of clean time.

Judge Hall  meets with the group every Thursday where participants read- hear progress reports aloud with the entire group.  If they fail or refuse to follow the directions of the Court or if they test positive for alcohol/drug use, participants can be briefly returned to jail for a wake up call.  If participants continue to break the rules Judge Hall can and has sentenced them to prison terms.

According to Judge Hall,   "originally about 75% of the participants were charged with DWI.  Most had multiple convictions and had been sentenced to prison previously.  As a result of breaking the cycle of drinking-arrest-prison we have a lot fewer DWI cases.  Unfortunately, the DWIs have been replaced by an increase in drug addicts, often involving prescription narcotics, so that the current program is close to 50/50."

As Warren County Court Judge, Judge Hall has also presided over more than 3,000 felony cases in both Warren and Washington Counties, and 1,500 suits as an Acting Supreme Court Justice.   

A resident of Lake George, where he lives with his wife Ann and three daughters, Hall is a native of Athol, in the Town of Thurman, New York. Judge Hall was formerly the Warrensburg Town Attorney and has served on the faculty of the NYS Bar Association Trial Academy at Cornell University.  He is a former President of the Warren County Bar Association and is a founding member of the Women’s Bar Association, Adirondack Chapter.  Judge Hall is a graduate of New England Law, Boston and Ithaca College.   His father was well known area attorney and congressional candidate John S. Hall, Sr.


Dennis Tarantino, Campaign Manager

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